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Yah's Watchman

Dasyd Ministry Dasyd Ministry Yah's country 68740693 Holy Ground ?take off the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.? 68740694 The light unto the world 68740695 Ten commandments Wedding contract 68740696 Home-made cedar menorah home made cedar menorah 68740697 Some of Jerry's books 68740698 Challah and wine 68740699 Fresh produce 68740700 The beauty of clean 68740701 Baptism in Yeshua's name 68740702 Real native grown grapes 68740703 Shofar of anointing oil 68740704 DASYD Ministry Front yard of the acreage 201357422 Christian pastors Puppets on a string. 201357425 Jerry's 201357669 Shalom 201357670 Rose of Sharon 201482115 Peony 201482116 Jerry 201482117 Real meat (venison) 201482118 Gabriel's bird feeder 201482119 Yah's watchman on Holy Ground 201482121 Boundary markers 201482122 Coffee table 201482123 Serious wood for heating 201482124 Demons in a fire 201482125 Demons in a fire 201482126 Holy of Hollies 201482127 A sign not to be taken lightly 201482128 Angels lined up in the sky 201482129 Yah's flowerbed 201482130 Bobbi 201482131 Proper baptism in Yeshua's name 206458567 Entrance to property 201482132 Michael's bird feeder 206458566 Yom Kippur 206458568